The Fletcher Academy


The Fletcher Academy, established in 1981, is a comprehensive private school for students with attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities; that provides individualized instruction in a supportive environment. We were honored to provide this educational center with a new gymnasium and multi-purpose facility. The academy had a gymnasium that no longer suited the school’s needs. The building fell short of the minimum requirements of the North Carolina Building Code. The gym was also an uncomfortable place to function with low lighting, worn out flooring, inadequate seating, and many other downfalls. The new design allows for all of Fletcher Academy sports programs and their visual arts students a new place to learn and grow. The Gymnasium incorporates a new weight room and work out facility for all students of the school that participate in sports and gym classes. The students now have a place to build strength and physical fitness awareness. A new inspiring Visual Arts room is also located in the renovated gymnasium. This room has the look of a modern studio with bright inspiring colors. This wonderful room will allow the students of the Fletcher Academy to excel creatively. Overall we’ve given new life to the Leon Silber gymnasium and a place for educators, parents, and students alike to experience life skills and interaction for many years to come.