Roxboro MedAccess


Dr. Dan Phillips approached our firm about helping him design Roxboro MedAccess, what would soon be the first urgent care center in Person County. Dr. Phillips had a vision of creating a office/retail complex that would be based around health care. This complex would include his privately owned urgent care center, and other business such as a physical therapy office, a health club, and possibly a health food store. Dr. Phillips was very knowledgeable about the type of layout this facility would require in order to function daily as a successful practice. Not only was there an ideal layout for this office but many medical requirements that limited the flexibility as well. This office would be used as a "one-stop-shop" for minor and moderate medical emergencies. The facility would have on-site X-rays and labs available. With its stringent security, the center would also be able to dispense most medications commonly prescribed by MD's. Administration areas and room for future growth would also be included in this design. The office would be something the people of Roxboro would soon appreciate for its convenience and top of the line medical care.