Bell House


After a hurricane destroyed the Bell family’s home along the Chowan River; the family began their search for an architect that could replace their recently shattered home. Having experienced hurricane damage on their previous residence, the family was in search of a firm that would create a home that could withstand the test of time. This house would have to hold up against winds, upwards of 150 m.p.h, as well as a hurricane of people. Along with a strong and durable house the Bell's wanted their new home to be a place for entertaining large groups of friends and family. The new home features a semi-open floor plan as well as an expansive front porch perfect for gatherings. This house also frames a spectacular view of the river from every room. This was accomplished by creating a core of vertical circulation through the center of the house thus allowing all of the rooms to wrap around the exterior. The overnight guest has the most exceptional view of the beautiful scenery from the screen porch adjoining to each bedroom.